News 02:04 April 2024:

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There are many support groups out there for those who have addictions, everything from Alcoholics Anonymous to Overeaters Anonymous. With the amount of people that can’t seem to put down Instagram, perhaps it is time that society needs to run an Instagram Anonymous. How does one know though, if they are addicted to Instagram, or are just really into it.

It’s important for some people to make multiple posts during the day to keep their followers happy – but how much is too much? Using instagram to improve business may encourage extra postings on instagram, however if you use instagram as a personal site to stay connected to friends and family, multiple posts each day may be excessive.

If you would rather buy instagram followers than to buy something tangible, perhaps you’ve become addicted. It is great to enjoy instagram, and go ahead, check often to see if there are any great new posts, but when your entire day is on Instagram, you may need to walk away.

You see Instagram addicts everywhere, and they are easy enough to identify when you look at what they have been posting. When you need to post a photo to instagram before getting out of bed in the morning, you have gone too far. It doesn’t matter if you want the world to see what you look like first in thing in the morning, or if you think your puppy looks extra sweet sleeping at the foot of your bed. If you aren’t out of bed yet, perhaps you shouldn’t be posting.

Life is busy for most people these days. You shouldn’t be taking the time to take a photo of your cup of coffee or whatever it is you’re eating for breakfast. The same applies for lunch, dinner, dessert, and any snacks you may want to share with the public. Move on and find something more entertaining to post about.

If you have more than 5 or 10 picture of your pet cat/dog/etc, you may be addicted to instagram. This is especially the case when the animal is in the same “pose” for each photo. While we’re on the topic of photos that all look exactly the same, you should perhaps not post photos looking out your window. Everyone has a window. Individuals can look out their own to see if it is raining or not. There isn’t a need to take that photo unless something strange an exciting is happening out there!